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Inventory Management


Save time and effort by digitizing field operation processes and stock tracking

Plan your business by viewing all business processes on a single map. Create and assign all work-related details to relevant employees by prioritizing and scheduling.

Take your actions when there is no internet connection with offline mode

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Easily create inventory, upload photos, and more things without an internet connection.

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Record all products in the field and store with Stock Management

View inventories of field workers with inventory management. Add and remove products to users. Transfer products between field workers.

Generate digital reports by analyzing time, location and type variables

With 6 times faster reporting processes, you can easily get the information of the inventories in the desired region, their display on the map, the photos of the found inventories, the last control times, the work done and the report.

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Do not lose your data, access any document or information that you want instantly

With the digital archive, prevent data loss for your business and easily access your past documents and information whenever you want.

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Integrate with task management

Perform operations such as assembly, maintenance, repair and control of products in the field through the tasks assigned to the inventories and analyze the performance of your personnel working on the tasks.


With dynamic inventory management, set the type and icons of all inventories, customize them fully dynamically.

Monitor the field with dynamic inventory

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Mark horizontally and vertically on the map

Add your new inventories in seconds by marking by location or drawing on the map.


Ease your field works

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