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Pintask - Field Task and Inventory Management Software

Task Management

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Save time and effort in job assignment and planning processes

Plan your business by viewing all business processes on a single map. Prioritize and schedule all business-related details and assign them to relevant employees.

Keep field workers focus on their work by simplifying coordination processes

Field workers can follow their own work, find the locations of the addresses and report on job details through a single mobile application.

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Make it easy for your employees to be organized by forming a team

By teaming up your field employees according to job types and units, you can carry out the work in the field in a more coordinated manner, while facilitating your job assignment and follow-up processes.

Be informed on the field with instant tracking

Track the locations of your field workers and teams on the map, be notified of instant changes to the task through notifications, and communicate when you need them.

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Do not lose your data, access any document or information that you want instantly

With the digital archive, prevent data loss for your business and easily access your past documents and information whenever you want.

Make your business processes more efficient with dynamic analysis

Analyze the performances of your employees and business processes with dynamic and personalized analysis and make data-based plans.

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Ease your field works

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