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Pintask - Field Task and Inventory Management Software

Bring the Field and Office Together

Pintask allows you to coordinate, plan and follow up all your field work through a single map-based application.

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No more worrying about work in the field

Digitalize all your field work with the map-based work tracking program and organize with your team.

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Save time and effort in job assignment and planning processes

Plan, manage and analyze your field works by viewing all business processes on a single map. Create and track all task details by prioritizing and scheduling.

Keep field workers focus on their work by simplifying coordination processes

Field workers can follow their own work, find the locations of the addresses and report on job details through a single mobile application.

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Manage your inventory from stock to field!

With dynamic inventory management, set the type and icons of all inventories, customize them fully dynamically.

Why Pintask?

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Time Saving

Accelerates business processes by moving planning, monitoring and analysis processes to a single application.

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Prevents the Loss of

Information and Documents

Prevents data loss by archiving all tasks and details of the task.

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Efficient Working


Enables your employees to spend their time in the most efficient way and minimizes the time and labor required for field supervision with instant and location based assignment feature.

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Support Decisions with Analysis

Provides accurate performance evaluations of tasks and employees with dynamically generated analyses.

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Accelerating Coordination Processes

Provides faster and more accurate communication between teams and units.

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Increasing the Efficiency of Business Processes

Enables you to make data based business plans as a result of the analyses and increases the efficiency in your processes.


Transform your field works to digital now 

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